About Us

25 Years in Jewelry

Since 1996

Sam Jewellers was established in 1996 by Designer Amita Jain in New Delhi, with the help of a team and artisans from Bombay.

Our expertise in manufacturing exquisite jewellery in our factory in Karol Bagh has helped us build great relationships since the very beginning and we strive to serve everyone with the highest quality standards and of course, with a nice and warm smile.

Our Jewellery is for our family and our friends. We Believe in building relationships on trust that has lasted us over years and this is one of the reasons why we have a lovely family of clients who always come to us and let us serve them with brilliance every time.

Our team includes experienced Graduate Gemologists (G.I.A) who get us the best diamonds at the lowest cost from all over the world.


Only the Best

Finest Jewellery
at best price

We provide customized jewellery at unmatched prices. Since the very beginning we have believed in keeping our costs low and quality high as we serve our loved ones.

Manufacturers and Retailers of fine diamond Jewelry 

Entrenched in the jewellery trade for over three decades ‘Sam Jewellers‘ has been patronized for its exquisite collection of 18kt Gold & Diamond Jewellery

Have you ever seen how a child’s eyes light up just at a sight of his favorite teddy bear?

Or the magic a moment contains when an artist steps back to behold his painting?

Have you ever seen the exhilaration on the face of a traveler when he catches a glimpse of a falling star?

Or a mother with her hands stretched out looking at his child taking its first steps towards her?

It’s this metamorphosis of expressions, of moments, the shifting emotions and the sudden reverie that we, at Sam Jewellers, create – It’s that reflection of light, when the world stand still for her to gasp and lose herself in that one spectacular sight that we deal in.

They call them diamonds. For us they are the magic spell, the allure, the enchantment of far more divine and ethereal.
One glance, and hey presto, witness your world change!


What we Offer

Gold Melting

We provide gold recycling
services in the most 
transparent form

Jewellery Evaluation

You can get an instant value for
your jewellery, or stones

Revamp Old Jewellery

We can together explore using
your old jewellery to make
a unique design

Bespoke Diamond Ring

Engagement ring the eternal bond.

Sam jewellers believes in stories.. family and tradition. Starting this beautiful journey involves picking up the most precious diamond of your life … that will be worn forever.

We specialise in solitaires handpicked from all over the world by the very best GIA experts, giving you the most authentic jewels at the most honest prices!

After picking your stone .. we continue on your journey with a great many designs to choose from and completing it with a visit to our workshops, where the artisans would create it and customise it right before your eyes.

Experience the making of your promise and engagement bands with us and let us embark on this story of your life with you.

It’s our most treasured creations